Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting started

So, I am not going to be creating a root cellar for the winter and subsisting off of what we have saved (nothing, except for some berries), but I am going to start with the following:
1) purchase produce from CSA until Nov. and from the local Farmer's Market which will be twice a month at that point,
2) buy in on a locally-raised steer that was grass-fed,
3) bake my own bread,
4) attempt to make cheese within the next month,
5) buy organic produce that is from Washington or Oregon,
6) buy local organic chickens, eggs and milk,
7) seek out a pig to split with someone,
8) purchased coffee will be fair trade and organic,
9) purchase flash frozen salmon from local fisherman.

I have also decided to add some items in the EXCEPTION area, these are there because I have a 2 year old and I have to make sure he gets the vitamins he needs to thrive. While these items are BIG on the DO NOT ENTER HERE list, I feel I have to get them.
1) Bananas - I will buy organic, but they will not be from here (obviously). He needs potassium and it is difficult to get this in other forms. Also, we need them to keep the diaper happy since he is a fruititarian and loves berries, need I say more?
2) Orange Juice - I get the OJ that has calcium, Vitamin D and A added. He is not a big milk drinker and since we live in a place that is cloudy a lot of the time, we need a little extra D.

We are already doing most of the listed items, I just have to explore cheese making and acquisition of the pig. Nice. Ok, the bread is done...ding!

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