Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Less meat

We are getting a lot of produce from our CSA and meat, the variety we are now choosing to eat (pastured), is very expensive. As a result, we are going to be eating less meat. I am not too sure how my husband is going to deal with this since he tried sneaking in "real pepperoni" when I was making calzones the other night. I used the veggie variety...HA! I have to admit, it wasn't as good as the real deal, but I was able to fall asleep that night.

On the meat note, I have located some pasture-raised pork off island that is available and our local beef will be processed in two weeks. Check check!

I have also decided to join our local food co-op since they feature a lot of local products and I have made a list of what local farms have to offer, so if I need something, I can head to one of them. I haven't done a BIG grocery shop in 2 weeks. Our purchases have been limited to coffee (fair trade and shade grown), milk (farmer owned), orange juice (our little one is sick), beer (husband's) and hard cider (me!). I will be making a rather hefty purchase of local cider here in the near future.

Oh yes, we just got our newly purchased cheese making kit!!! Trial run on Saturday. Woo Hoo!! We are going to make pizzas with our homemade mozzarella. Yum!

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