Monday, February 22, 2010

Blissed out

Welcome to my blissed out world. My darling husband built me the raised garden boxes of my dreams for Valentine's Day. How did I get so lucky? My garden beds are now a collection of 5x8, 5x18, and 5x12 beds. I have top soil arriving on Wednesday. My seed list runneth over and I have about 2 dozen extra containers for tomatoes and squash.

PANIC! Now I have to make this work. If this garden doesn't produce like crazy, we are going to be one hungry family. So it will. Fingers crossed.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finding Words

I am not the writer who always finds the perfect words. Actually,  I don't think of myself of a writer.  Often I know my words do not come out the right way when they are spoken (and those of you who know me know there are a lot of words that come along with me), but if I can't sort out some of my ideas on "paper" then they seem to become more lucid.

So today I am baffled and I am trying to process how to do it all.  Clean the house. Feed the child. Clean the child. Keep the child happy. Ditto to all of these for the mama and papa. Look. All of that fits in less than two lines of text. If only it were that simple.

Sometimes it feels that when you are trying to simplify things, they only get more complicated.