Thursday, June 10, 2010


The beauty of a garden, to me, is that each and every day you can go outside and find new surprises. Nothing is constant in a garden. While upon entry, our little garden looks like a lush green jungle gone wild.

Our potatoes, truly have gone over the edge. We haven't been very good about burying these bad boys. This chore is on the top of the list for the upcoming weekend.

The zucchini plants are blossoming and the crooknecks even have a few veggies growing. Cole calls this the butter plant. Who wouldn't love to grow little sticks of butter?

These are our crazy crazy Waverex peas.  Early on in this process, I was advised to grow a green crop since this is going to be our primary bed for our winter vegetables. However, I could not stomach the idea of giving up an entire bed in prime sunshine for the entire summer. So I planted peas. A lot of peas. They will fix nitrogen into the soil and when my summer veggie in the front are done for the season, I will chop these up and mix them into the front half of the bed as well. I will keep you posted on how this works. In the meantime, it looks like we are going to have a LOT of peas.

Yes, more peas. These are shelling peas called "Green Arrows".  I had planted lettuce under the trellis which was great for the first 6 weeks, now it is impossible to reach. Bit of a bummer. Fortunately, I planted more.

The forest of carrots. You might notice the pinwheels in the background. Those lovely little pinwheels kept the chickadees and sparrows from eating all of my carrot greens. It worked immediately!

Woops! Our broccoli is already starting to sprout. We will be harvesting a lot of this tomorrow and eating broccoli this and that all weekend. Who can complain? 

This is one of the most unexpected outcomes of our garden. It is the spinach that will not go away. It comes back bigger and bigger and bigger. I am starting to just rip plants out since the quality of the leaves is degrading and I am suppose to be planting more lettuce here for summer salads.

Garden beauty. Broccoli leaves catch rain just so. We have had a lot of rain the past 3 weeks and it is wreaking a little havoc on some of the squash and cucumber plants. I have been begging for a couple of consecutive days of sunshine to dry things out a bit. So while the clouds were taunting me when I was taking pictures, I had to show a little appreciation for the rain as well.

Something new!! This is our Rainbow Chard. It is just starting to grow and I know I should thin it out, I just don't have it in me. Not yet. But I will, I promise.

These are our marigolds just begging to be seen from within the Pea Forest. Another item on the agenda for the weekend is to give them a little bit more room. I planted marigolds throughout all of my beds in hopes that they will lure those much needed bees in to pollinate all of the squash. Each blossom needs to be visited 8-10 times! Come on busy bees!

Our Seascape Strawberries are just starting to come out. Cole checks on the strawberries and the tomatoes everyday to see if he can find a red one. This makes for one happy mom.

This is Cole's "Green Tomato Baby". He is very proud of this tomato and I hope it is just perfect for him. It brings little happy skips to my heart to know that my son has a pet tomato.

 The garden jungle.

Unexpected (?) visitors. Perhaps it would be more accurate to call them unwanted. I am not sure what they are just yet but they are chewing up my radish leaves and just started in on a pumpkin plant which I will go to war over. My first thought it ants or aphids. Any ideas out there?

Involuntary volunteers. On the left is our Russian Sage. It is a garden champion in our yard. Every fall we chop it to the ground and by July it is almost six feet high and full of beautiful purple blooms. On the right, is Lemon Mint. Grrr. This was never planted by us. As a matter of fact, it was in one planter when we moved in (in '03) and we have been removing it ever since. This year, it is growing right through all of the Russian Sage in our yard. I give up and hope for great aromas to burst through on those hot summer days.

That is just about the whole crop of blueberries, but there they are! These little babies will be savored and the plant will be given more TLC next year. It was dug out of weeds about two months ago, poor thing. 

A little color courtesy of the snapdragons.

The raspberries are doing really well. These are one of the items we are particularly excited for this summer. We are a berry eating household and this crop will make for some incredible desserts and jams. YUM!

So that is this month's garden tour. We have some obstacles to overcome, but the riches are already apparent. Every time I venture out, I am so thrilled with the fruits of our labor. Literally.

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