Sunday, July 11, 2010


For some crazy reason this is what I have on my mind.  Tomorrow we find out if our latest edition is a boy or a girl and we are excited to finally find out.

Today, I spent the morning tearing out a cauliflower plant that had gone awry, to be honest it was an experiment and that experiment failed. I also tore out the remainder of our pea plants since the heat completely killed them. Our Green Arrow shelling peas are WONDERFUL and we ended up with three quart sized Ziplocs full. I am trying to determine if I should plant some more peas right now. Any advice about this?

But back to babies, our garden is FULL of them! Baby tomatoes, Baby pumpkins (Who knew we would have so many!?!?) , Baby spaghetti squash (A LOT of them!), Baby Zucchini, Baby Yellow Squash, Baby strawberries and blueberries and Baby Butternut Squash.  It is a fruit and vegetable nursery out there!!!

Since we have a lot of open ground after clearing out our peas I have to go to through my Territorial Seeds catalog and order my fall/ winter crop. This week I will also plant some pole beans starts and decide what I am going to do about my potatoes. They look really sad. Incredibly sad. Our garlic and onions were pulled early due to the fact that a couple that I pulled were showing signs of rot. Too much water courtesy of Mother Nature. We have a decent crop, they are just small since they were pulled a little prematurely.

That is all for today. And by the way, shelling peas CAN give you a green thumb!

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