Monday, August 16, 2010

Heat and pests

The garden has been flourishing and we have been appreciating the bounty of summer squash, chard, lettuce and cherry tomatoes for a couple of weeks now. However, the heat of summer finally came and my garden completed wilted. There was water! There were nutrients! Our summer squash is losing it's zest for proliferation. What is a girl to do when she was just hoping that she would have an endless supply of zucchini?? There has only been one batch of zucchini bread made and the rest has been grilled and eaten!

Also, we have had some visitors in our garden as you can see on the left side. A cat or raccoon is my guess, which is not good. I will have to cover it VERY soon to keep these guys out. Every other space is too prickly for them thanks to the squash. Ok, just looking at this picture is making my skin crawl.  I have to go investigate and make sure they are not using my garden as a LITTER BOX!!! Ugggggh!!!!

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