Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh deer.

I have been away from my blog for awhile...and my garden. It turns out that working, caring for a 3 year old, and our house takes up 30 of the 24 hours that make up my day.

We have harvested our spaghetti squash and we are waiting the two weeks needed to cure it. We cannot wait to dig in. We are pulling ridiculous sized zukes and crookneck squash out and our patty pan just found it's groove. Our parsnips went through an AMAZING transformation in the matter of what I swear was a week, but it looks like that experienced a month's worth of growth. Our fall crops of carrots, lettuce, acorn squash, cucumbers and spinach are growing beautifully. We have another round of strawberries coming through and we will be pulling the rest of our potatoes this weekend.

Now for the OTHER news. Our strawberries have been topped. Our butternut squash has been topped. As I sat chatting on the phone with a friend one day, I looked out of our huge picture window that looks over our garden and saw.... a HUGE BUCK staring at me through the window. The doe was STANDING in one of my raised garden beds!!! I jumped out of my seat and went running. My friend was concerned since her 30 week pregnant friend was running and screaming at deer and she wondered if she should call 911 now since she figured someone (me) was going to get hurt in this pursuit. I swear I was trying to channel the energy of a cougar, that was all I could think of that would eat the deer. Of course, living on an island, we tend to have an absence of predators. As a result, I am sure the deer ran because an oddly-shaped human was screaming and yelling at them. So that is the end, for now. That night I informed my husband that we needed to electrify the yard. Poor guy. It is always something.

On your average day, I am a huge fan of Bambi and his other cervid friends; however, when they start in on my butternut squash. It is time to take action. Sorry Bambi, the Curtis salad bar is closed. Grrrrrr.

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