Sunday, April 10, 2011

It is shopping time

Today was suppose to be all about building the garden of giants, a little 2'x8' area that is going to house the seedlings for our giant pumpkins and watermelons. It was the day I was going to set my deer / raccoon sprinkler in motion. Today was going to be my gardening day from sun up to sun down; however, the weather had other plans. I know I could have been outside since it wasn't actually raining and I AM a true PNW'er now (after 14 years) with my collection of jackets for every weather scenario.

I opted to stay in. I opted to take a long, hot shower all by myself. I opted to hold my little sack of sugar while she napped. Sorry garden, tomorrow is another day. My dedicated other half spent yesterday making sure you were ready for me, but today I opted to stay inside with my babes.

AND...while the babes took their afternoon nap, I set up a little store on Amazon. The books I have mentioned on here are linked into the "Mental Chew Store". So, if you also find yourself tucked inside with a babe sleeping in your arms and you need a good read to download or flip through, I have a pretty good list started. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Squishy Spring

This has been an incredibly squishy spring. The ground is squishy. My beds are squishy. Even my brain is squishy. The rain has been coming non-stop and today we received a much deserved respite from the deluge. So after our swimming lesson (yes, more water!), I ran home, fed the baby and then ran into the yard to complete my pea bed. My lovely husband built the frame for the trellis last weekend and I put up one side on Sunday, one side today. It is amazing how long tasks take with a babe on your back, even if she is taking a much needed snooze in her Kokopax (love it!).

So the trellis is up, but I already have some (damn) little Towhees scratching around in there. At least my rogue tulips are now safe from the deer. I hope.

This pic is for my dear friend who is no longer living on the island, but every time I see a tulip I think of her smile. 

This is snap peas part II. These are Oregon Snap Peas this year. The acorn squash from last year and the cucumbers were a little pathetic. We are going to start out with peas.  Please, notice that the barrels are covered with garden cloth. This is my feeble attempt against the avian friends / fiends. 

Ok, rain, today you are forgiven for keeping us indoors and making me watch "Blue's Clues" more times than I would like to admit. The greens, purples, yellows, pinks, whites, oranges and reds are putting on their show. Exhale. Inhale. The air is so fresh and light and crisp. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.