Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New growth

After hemming and hawing a bit, I decided to change my blog around for several reasons:
1) I love change and I can't rearrange my furniture every week due to child duties and the optimistic hope that my husband will stay sane while living in the same house as me.
2) Every time I opened the window of my blog  I found myself longing for fresh tomatoes which I barely planted this year. It is my own personal penance of sorts for planting over 40 plants last year and ending up with barely enough for salads.
3) The red on the screen was blinding me and constantly reminding me of Lightning McQueen. (My life is overrun with "Cars" characters right now. Thank you Disney.)

So. A new look. 

Here is a look at the colors that decided to burst forth with our few days of glorious and long-awaited sunshine.

Parrot tulips  
I had half a dozen hand-delivered to me by my son last week. "Oh thank you sweetheart". *Gasp* *Tears*

Smelling so lovely

Cloche 1 - onions, lots of summer squash, broccoli and more
The beginning and as my fellow blogger commented, the "perfect place for my kiddo to explore". 
Not yet. Not ever, I hope. Fingers crossed.

Cloche 2 - onions, basil, pumpkin, summer squash, leeks, cukes and more.

Pea shoots!!!! Take that Towhee (AKA LB)

 Heirloom lettuce

My little man


More pea shoots
We cannot wait to grab at these!!



Chive flowers
I pulled all of ours last year because it was completely out of control. We HAD to have some growing somewhere. It just didn't feel right.

Ground cover

Love these

Forget -me -nots

Bleeding hearts
These were salvaged from the compost pile. They died. They were thrown to the pile and they came back. So now they live on in a side garden bed. Love them.

Help! I cannot remember the name of these. Momnesia.

Lovely pansies

Wild geraniums
I don't believe these existed in our yard last year. This year, they are EVERYWHERE. Welcome.

How are you making changes in your life? your garden?

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