Saturday, July 23, 2011


Each and every day starts with the best of intentions to get out and work in the garden, but then the kids wake up. I look out our picture window at the raised beds while eating our oatmeal and think, "I WILL get out there, just after breakfast." This is always followed with getting ready and heading to preschool/ baby group/ library/ park/ play date. The van starts with the kids strapped in and I think, "Ugh. I WILL get to the garden when we get home." You know this part. The play date goes late and you come home with these crazy little beings who physically resemble your kids, but have lost their minds. Every ounce of your energy is used from deep within that reserve you have just to the left of your spine (that is where the extra mama energy is stored, just in case you were wondering) to get the beings to sleep so they can return from their nap as your delightful children again. Oh yes, and now it is time for the garden. Sometimes. My littlest one has a quick recharge on her battery.

So my little lady and I head out to the garden with the camera, of course, and I grab my gloves and start checking the barrels. Lots of green strawberries. This is good. We will need to put some netting over them this week if we plan to actually eat them when they ripen. Check.

The peas are growing, but no pods yet. No surprises. Despite our initial difficulties with this veggie of choice, I find myself wishing we had more of them growing.

Time to look under the first cloche. Nice growth. Oooh it has been awhile. Look at that lettuce tree. Hmmm. I guess we are having a large salad tonight.

Second cloche. Growth is happening here. Phew! We have spinach, of course. I am taking mental notes for the upcoming week's menu.

Then I hear giggles. I get distracted. I look. The gloves are removed. Now I am giggling; she is a cute one.

Next thing I know I am on the ground looking at things from her perspective and there is drool running down my cheek. It is not my own.

We are rolling around on her baby quilt and she is "talking" to me. Then I send a rapid fire of kisses on to her squishy little cheeks and she smiles. So, I HAVE to do it again. 20 minutes passes and then 45. Sorry garden. I have a little sack of sugar to enjoy.

Yes, I love my garden and these days it isn't as marvelous as it could be. I get distracted, quite easily to be honest. I get distracted by flower trails and giggles, drool and new perspectives, and important little milestones that dart in front of me without warning.

Someday Garden, I promise to focus on you. Right now, I need to focus on my distractions.


  1. OK, Kate is such an adorable gardening distraction. So cute.

  2. Garden? What garden? All I see is Adorable in pink!

  3. And to think I disliked this lovely hue, once upon a time.

  4. Re-posted this post today for a friend. Enjoy those kiddos; the garden can wait.


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