Thursday, June 30, 2011

Need / Want / Like / Love [ bowl ]

In 2004, the year after I was married, I asked for a salad bowl for Christmas. When I opened the box from San Diego, my jaw dropped. This wasn't just a salad bowl. This bowl was smooth. It had irregular contours that led your hand around it's edges. The grain of the wood was so rich and deep. I flipped it over and saw "Handcrafted in Haiti by Einstein Albert" on a little paper sticker. After I giggled, my mind traveled to a man I regularly watched carve during an extended stay in Mexico. I remembered the commitment, labor and love that went into each of his creations. Immediately, respect. Respect for the tree. Respect for the man who made it. Respect for my mother-in-law who chose it.

This is the bowl we use to gather our meals from our garden. This is the bowl that brings salads to our friends' homes. This is the bowl that reminds me to respect the source. This is the bowl I love.

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  1. Beautiful! I love unique touches in my kitchen

  2. Beautiful! I love unique touches in my kitchen


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