Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spinach baby!

The following scenario is all too common these days.

The panic button is hit. What will I make for dinner tonight? Somehow (HA!) the day has escaped me and it is 4:30 and I am just thinking about our dinner. Easy comes to mind first. Pasta? Chicken? What is in the fridge? Do I dare dig into the freezer? Ugh. Microwave defrost. Hate it. Ok, fresh. Look out the window and there is the answer. Spinach. Lots of spinach, but not quite as much as I should have planted.

Last year this crop was VERY plentiful, however, due to my morning/afternoon/evening sickness, I couldn't enjoy it. My three little rows seem like an emerald gift under the cloche. I wish I planted more. It would lead to more quick meals.

This particular night we BBQed some chicken and I plucked several handfuls of spinach from the garden.

A quick rinse and it could be a delicious salad. Today we continue on to the stove top.

A spritz of olive oil and 3 crushed cloves of garlic are thrown into the fry pan. After the garlic started to sizzle, I added all of the spinach in and saut├ęd it. Done!

The end product shows why I need to plant more. It takes a lot for a side dish.

So when in doubt about what you are going to make for dinner, think fresh first and build the rest of your menu from there. Most of all remember that you can NEVER go wrong with olive oil and garlic.


  1. i found a great recipe the other day for baby spinach with gnocchi (always such a great, quick cook) on some food blog. i was searching for it to share it with you but cannot seem to find it.
    but i'm sure they're plenty of ideas out there!
    at the moment i'm in love with making homemade pizza with any veg i can find thrown on top!

  2. Syvlia, I love gnocchi. Thanks for the idea! Today I will be heading out to harvest a bunch and prepare it for the freezer. I add it to just about every pasta dish and soup I make in the winter.


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