Thursday, July 7, 2011

Want / Need / Like / Love - An Island Holiday

I live on an island and the craziest time of year here is on the Fourth of July. Now I could brag and tell you about how we were listed as one of the Top Ten spots to spend the Fourth by Newsmax, Shermans Travel, MSNBC, and AOL Travel this year. The San Juan Islands were also named the number 2 spot to visit this summer by the NY Times and National Geographic Traveler Magazine listed us as a "Top Places to Travel in 2011".  Ok, so I did;  however,  I   r e a l l y  count my blessings that I ended up in this corner of the world even on wild weekends when I know I wouldn't even attempt to catch a ferry.

The parade is one of the many reminders of why I love this island so deeply.  It might be all of the familiar faces passing through or  that so many people come to appreciate our special little place in the world. It might be the marching band comprised of 6th graders to senior citizens (it ALWAYS makes me tear up) or all the dogs and cats and horses and donkeys that find their way down the street.  It might be our neighbors, running uncontested for the local School Board, dancing and tossing treats to kids to cheer on the potential their endeavour beholds for them (Mrs. Baby by the Sea). It might be the finale with our Emergency Service vehicles packed with giddy little faces and our wonderful volunteers who serve us so well.  All of these reasons, and others, fill me with pride for this place that I call home.

I live on this island. I work in my garden on this island. I have friends I think of as family on this island. Most of all, I will raise my kids here and they will always think of this place when they think of home.

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