Monday, July 25, 2011

iStockphoto and SheBlogs ReDesign

No matter how great you look, it’s always fun to change things up. Breaking out a different cut and color, a new pair of shoes or an entire new wardrobe is always invigorating. The same is true for your blog. A new design can put a skip in your keystrokes and a song in your prose.
And now, thanks to iStockphoto, one lucky SheBlogger will have the opportunity to have her blog professionally redone by Synotac Web Design, an award-winning firm based in Portland, Oregon.* She’ll also receive a one-year subscription to All participants (along with their readers) will get three free iStock images and 10% off all purchases through the end of June **
* Certain restrictions may apply.
** Discount applied to purchases of credit packs of 50 credits or more.
(text from contest)

I have chosen this wonderful image as the inspiration for my wishful blog makeover for several reasons. First, it has a strawberry as the focus, much as my garden is the focal point of my blog. Next, it has an adorable little girl in the background. In my blog, my kids are the secondary characters of my blog (although they are most definitely number one in my life). Finally, I like that the colors are natural and fresh looking. As someone commented on my blog, "That picture just makes you want to lick your screen". That is what I am going for! 

iStockphoto is the world’s leading royalty-free stock multimedia destination, with millions of photos, illustrations, video, audio and Flash files starting at $1. Find inspiration for your blog and dozens of other creative things including business cards, websites, flyers, invitations, newsletters, craft projects, advertisements, presentations, décor and more.
They needed me to say that. So there it is.
What's more, iStockphoto has an offer for three free images (click the link)!! Heck ya! Ok, I know the issue is that once you see three you want, you see 10, right? But hey, three free images is a great offer. There is also a 10% discount code. Nice. So you can save on those 7 other images you want to get, so thoughtful. 10% discount code: (5HEB10G511)

Go check 'em out already. Get on it.
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  1. Val, if you could please help me.  I know you posted at one time the lady that crochets those most amazing hats and headbands and was wondering if I could please forward that info again :)  Pleaseeeee

  2. Here is her link:


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