Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Transitions and the Lorax

While I should keep writing about the lovely produce in my garden and how delicious it is, I just can't. We are in transition hell in our house. K just started crawling this week and has figured out that if she scoots her barn around, she can *walk* wherever she wants. She has 4 teeth in and 4 more coming.  We keep telling her she is 8 months and still a baby, but she doesn't seem to care much.

Add to this, a 4 year old brother who is furious that his ability to play independently in our wee sweet house, is pretty much done with...forever. His retaliation? He won't let her nap. Also, he will scream or run quickly behind her to startle her when she is standing. KATHUNK, e v e r y   t i m e . After three days of this, I actually might just pull my hair out. My quick fix was to head out. Both kids are great hikers. K naps in the backpack and C is an explorer at heart. I packed up snap peas, PBJs, plums, nectarines, water and, of course, Cheddar Bunnies and hoped for the best.

K slept on the way out, approximately 20 minutes. I'll take it. C was "SUPER excited" about our chosen destination for today's adventure. We were at Lime Kiln Lake. It's a tiny little thing with a short, forested trail. My little man took off with a leap and the little lady was grunting behind me with some beloved bunnies in hand.

Spotting scope out. "Mom, there are birds".
"Ducks Mom, I think they are Mallards". Mergansers, but alright.
C's picture of the "Mallards". They are out there...see the specs?
"Do you see how soft this is? I think this HAS to be where the fairies sleep!" I think he is right.

"Look at this lovely little green one Mom". It is lovely indeed.
"Mom, I think this is the fast part!" 
"This is the dangerous part Mom. I will lead you and K through here". 
This is how he does everything: full speed and with enthusiasm. 
"Look what I found for you and K. It is just beautiful here Mom."

"This spot is magic.  It is where the Lorax lives".  I love this kid.
Thank you for letting me use your readership to find my kid again. It lasted for an hour after the fact, but I wanted to remember our wonderful afternoon together.

How do you reconnect with your kids?


  1. Oh Val, I do remember those days! Great idea to get outdoors and just enjoy the fresh air. What a beautiful place to take a hike. We love to get out here, but the snakes, ticks and red bugs are in full force so we have to be it's just too
    hot! xx

  2. awww they are darling! and quiet the adventurers.  I don't have kids but I when I talk to my nieces and nephews- I think they just appreciate the TLC and effort. 


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