Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CSA: Heritage Farm

Two summers ago, we were members of a local CSA at Heritage Farm and I loved it! The food was amazingly fresh, delicious, plentiful and full of variety. As my son was getting older, however, I wanted him to have the experience of growing his own food and last year we were successful in doing just that.

This year, with our newest addition / edition, our garden grew fast and furious and I wasn't able to keep up with it. Now our once verdant beds are showing the signs. So we are heading back to Heritage Farm through the end of November.

Pick ups are on Tuesdays, so I will be meal planning for the week on Tuesday nights. Once upon a time, prior to child #2, I planned our meals veggies first. Which produce would we be eating that night and what protein would accompany it? Pasta one night a week. Whole grain. More quinoa and brown rice. Recipe hunting galore to keep it fresh, spicy and interesting.

A wonderful thing about Heritage Farm is that they include recipes every week that go along with the bounty you pick up. I am really excited about this. They are a small, sustainable farm on San Juan Island, WA. They have cows, a W.S.D.A. certified Grade A raw milk dairy, chickens, and vegetables. I am going to check into the chicken situation.

The remainder of this week is with veggies from our garden.

Wednesday- Chicken Tikka Masala With sauteed summer squash and onions and green salad
Thursday - Grilled Thai Chicken Pizza with grilled summer squash and green salad
Friday - Teriyaki Bowls with baked tofu, summer squash medley and onions on brown rice
Saturday & Sunday...we will see what I pick up from the Farmer's Market.

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  1. Looks like ya'll will be eating some very tasty meals this week. Now that I know we won't have a hurricane this weekend I am going to try and get a few plants in the ground for fall. The spring garden really wiped me out with just two of us working it [everyone else was away working] so I haven't been in too big a hurry to get back in the fields. xx


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