Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

How does it grow? To be honest, I don't know. Thursday I opted for toes in the sand since the sun was shining. We did take a quick break as the sun was setting and water our beds since we were officially experiencing "warm weather" days and we would be heading out camping for the next three days.

As my little helper was watering the beds, I checked on the zukes and yellow zukes. Oh my. Well, we had grilled zucchini for dinner. I cut 8 from the garden, gave 5 to our beloved neighbors and we ate 3. I pulled 3 onions to chop for beef stew in the Dutch Oven heated with well-tended coals and breakfast potatoes hot in the cast iron skillet over the morning fire. (Side note: We also dined on fresh Dungeness crab both nights. We do not skimp when camping!)

Back to the garden. My snap peas are done *wince*.

For the first time, I am going to just head out, shoot, upload and share. Ready, set, go.

Oh dear. 5 more zucchini. 7 more yellow zucchini and 2 patty pan and there are SO MANY MORE!!! Any takers?

For the last two years, I have lined my beds with marigolds. They bring in bees and a flash of color.
French pumpkins are growing!
Delicata squash - a first for us
Pumpkin bed gone wild. The watermelon are kaput. 
Weeds, pumpkins and grass living in harmony.
Pumpkins S T R E T C H I N G out onto the "grass".
Soon to be...
Ah yes. Perfection.
When you run out of room, create your own path.
My lil' helper
Odd tomato
St. John's WOrt - merely for the color, not for the focus
This is what happens when you don't harvest for 4 days.
Calling all neighbors!!!


  1. Val,  All the veggies look amazing  wish I was next door :)   Also love when you post recipes that correlate with what you just picked from your garden.   I'm going to try a few of them myself :)

  2. Val, do you put up any of your squash? With the zucchini, all you have to do is grate, bag and freeze. It's great in the winter in bread, muffins, cupcakes and stews. The yellow squash can be blanched and frozen too for casseroles or also in stews. Enjoy!xx

  3. I will be this year!! I was thinking about blanching some of the zucchini too. Have you ever done that?

  4. Beautiful helper, and great shot of cherry tomatoes! I have a theory that giving away veggies increases your yield -- it seems to work, as my neighbors are getting sick of squash.

  5. Wow! Your pumpkins look amazing! Ours didn't survive the spring transplant, but our hubbard squash plant looks a lot like your pumpkin one! It's so neat to see everything grow so fast! :-)

  6. That is awesome! Your garden is so successful!! You have quite the green thumb :) I bet they will all be delicious!

  7. The red yellow flower is os perfect, like a happiness drop in a rainy day.


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