Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Oh the garden is a'growin', but before I get into that I just have to comment on how much I learn from my readers. I ended up removing my FREEZER JAM post because I am a worrier. Thank you for your feedback and perspective, it is good to be reminded who my audience is through your comments and I appreciate each and every one of ya. Mwah!

Ok, so the garden. Weird things are happening. We have had a very cool summer and the two consecutive days we had with temps in the 70s made my garden panic a bit, I think. The pumpkins are very happy, but the foliage looks like it is at the end of the season. The same could be said of all of our squash. Gone are the large verdant leaves of weeks past. The yellow zucchini we planted is our champion producer this summer; I just pulled 9 more last night. Our Delicata should be ready soon and the zukes are slow and steady, which is a good thing given the number of plants I have. Our cherry tomatoes turn the corner to luscious red a handful at a time, usually just enough for C to run out and snatch them in the morning. Today I was lucky enough to be gifted the tiniest of the harvested rubies. He wants to eat tomatoes, who can complain? Well, ok, I would like to eat a few too. Oh, the sacrifices we make as parents. *giggle* The peas are DONE and I really have to go pick my shelling peas yesterday. I tore out my snap peas and now the shelling peas are begging for the same to be done to them.

It feels like summer just started this week for me, but looking at the calendar, I realized we are closer to school being back in session. Maybe that is why my garden is looking so melancholy.

Wistful feelings aside, our big garden joy this week was our Yukon Gold potatoes. My guys went outside after dinner tonight, pushed up their sleeves and dug in their hands to the soft soil. Chucking handful after handful into the wheelbarrow - a squeal and giggle and cheer. C found the first potato and he was hooked. Digging. Digging. I think potato harvesting might be right up there with Easter Egg hunting for my lil' guy. Each one brought out an, "Oh man!" and such delight. My heart warmed as I watched my husband coyly slide aside the soil time and again with his big, strong hands to leave it so C's next dig would hit treasure. Smiles all around and, of course, some grunting from the babe. She could see what fun her brother and dad were having. Satisfied with his work, C threw his hands on his hips and said, "Man, are we going to eat these bad boys up or what?" He said it twice since he knew we were chuckling after the first round. We all laughed and took the dirt, I mean potatoes, inside. After washing up, we took our 20+lovely Yukons out to the drying rack. We have some special guests coming next week and C thinks that is when we should use them. For now, he just wants to show them to his friends.

Yeah garden. Thank you.

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  1. Oh Val, I am so sorry about all of your hard work being tossed! I agree with you, better safe than sorry!
    Those sure are some lovely potatoes you grew and I know you'll enjoy many meals with them.xx


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