Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recipe Roundup - Zucchini

Well, we have zucchini and it is that time of year here where people start to lock their doors out of fear of the load of zukes that might be left in their car or just inside the front door.

Our zucchini is beautiful this year and we will happily grill some each and every night. Both of my kids love it, it is so simple to prep and my husband grills it to perfection.

Although I am posting a plethora of recipes from my favorite sites, straight off the grill is my fav. We cut them into approximately 3-4" sections, then into quarters. Toss them in a large bowl with fresh pressed garlic and/ or some freshly minced Rosemary, hand off to your Grillmaster and then serve. My son will eat 6-7 wedges on his own and the babe will work her way through one.

This is the taste of summer in our house.

The oven is fixed and I am going to make that Terrine as soon as possible. On the Feta, Pinenuts and Dill Stuffed Zukes, I think I will change it up to Feta, Pecans and Basil...just because. As I looked through all of the stuffed zuke recipes, I started to chuckle. The beauty of this veggie is you can shove it full of just about anything and it will taste good. Here's to trying! Please share your favorite zuke recipes since I am sure we will need them.

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