Monday, September 19, 2011

ABCs of Me

A little fun from Voiceboks .

A-Amateur photographer, learning each and every day
B-Boring, not in my vocabulary. There is always fun to be had.
C-Children, blow my mind, capture my heart and make me giggle
D-Dance, every morning with my kids
E-Experience every day with a a new question
F-Fall, my favorite season. Oh the colors.
G-Ghost stories, Can't wait to tell them to my kids
H-Hiking, when I am at peace, should do it more often
I-Island living, I couldn't imagine any other way
J-jumping into projects, I have a million ideas...I just need the time
K-Kangaroos live in Australia, which is where Hunter Valley is, which is someplace I really want to go
L-Low tide, my favorite smell
M-Melibe, my favorite nudibranch
N-Nuthatch, favorite feeder bird
O-Over commit, I am working on saying "no"
P-Post-it notes, my OCD fit
Q-Quiet, unfamiliar sound these days
R-Road trips, just ask, I will go
S-Spicy Tuna Rolls, my favorite
T-Tomatoes, something I wish I could grow and can until my pantry was full
U-Underwater, the place I miss most
V-Vesuvius, my laundry pile
W-Wind belongs in sails and my hair
X-Xylophone, keep meaning to buy one
Y-Young minds and Young hearts are kept with new adventures
Z-Zoea, favorite word to play in Scrabble


  1. I really liked that. I am going to use that idea for a project with my kids. What a great idea.

  2. hey this was so fun to read and learn a little about you. I don't think I've ever had a spicy tuna roll so I will have to try one out and I love road trips too! take care, it was good meeting you.

    (coming from VB)
    kathryn @

  3. Loved your description of your laundry pile!! And I also love post-its. They satisfy my OCD as well although they absolutely annoy my kids when they see notes everywhere.

  4. I love reading these - you can find out so much about a person:) We have a lot in common - I also love hiking (especially since moving to Hawaii, and I go at least once a week - just so beautiful and peaceful!).
    I've been to the Hunter Valley (actually lived not far from there), and until moving to HI, was used to seeing kangaroos almost every day - I'm Australian:)
    And... I read more... I'm also a past & future Science teacher (high school:).
    And I dance with my kids every day too:)
    See - lots in common:)
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. I say you do more hiking if that makes you feel more at peace! I'm still laughing at "xylophone." Yes, we all have been meaning to buy one. LOL. Thanks for the fun!h

  6. Amateur photographer here too! I have equipment here and all and even took classes but I somehow lost time to keep up with the hobby.

    But I look forward to continuing though when Jacob is a little bit older. :D


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