Thursday, September 15, 2011

Canvas on Demand

Remember that photo I submitted at the County Fair? (*whispering* won 1st prize and People's Choice) Woah...that was some serious bragging right there. I don't do that much, but this was all a fortunate stroke of luck.

I had the canvas made at Canvas on Demand and now I am an advertising affiliate with them. Pretty darn pleased as punch.

Canvas by Design has customer service that is a rare find these days. Their service representatives called me to verify how I wanted my canvas to make sure I had sent the right version. I hadn't, but they sent me a link to send the correct photo file and then called to verify the wrap color once they received the file. I couldn't believe THEY were calling ME and they were so incredibly polite and helpful.

Since I had the one canvas made, I want more. I am thinking Christmas gifts, adorable pics of the kids that a special photographer took, fall leaf scans...don't get me started!

Right now they are having a BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL. If you spend $100 or more, you get $20 off.

Time for me to order some Christmas presents.

COD 120x60 Static

Thanks for your support.

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  1. lettuce: hanging basket of it in the window. works on sailboats.


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