Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CSA Pickup: Week 2

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with how much of our food we ate last week. The only uneaten food was the fennel, the celery and the green beans. The green beans were a mere oversight, because we love them and they are soooo easy (roast with olive oil, pull out of oven and mix with minced garlic, salt and pepper).

Last week's menu

Tuesday - BBQ steaks, grilled mixed veggies and Crash Potatoes a la Val
Wednesday - Chicken, tomato sauce (from a friend) and veggie medley over pasta and a salad
Thursday - Vegetable and tofu stir fry over coconut rice
Friday- Thai lettuce boats with roasted chicken and peanut sauce (used cucumbers)
Saturday- Chard, Onion and Gruyere Quiche and green salad
Sunday- birthday party..no cooking!
Monday- potluck, brought green salad and sauteed cabbage and onions

This week's amazing selection:
Bagged Rainbow Chard
Collard greens
Cucumbers: slicing and pickling
Flower Bouquet
Herbs: basil, korean mint, summer savory, parsley
Potatoes (2)
Scarlet runner beans
String beans: yellow wax and royal burgundy
Summer squash: zucchini
Tomatoes: cherry, stupice and heirlooms

I am excited to roast those Parsnips and Turnips. The tomato selection is AMAZING. There so many and they are SO beautiful! Pictures are coming, I promise. My husband is working on a house project (windows) in the evenings (yeah!) so I don't have much of a window (no pun intended) for downloading pics this week and I am in the middle of a hard drive crisis that will hopefully resolve itself tomorrow (fingers crossed). Can you see how my week is? I can barely complete a thought!

My next Recipe Roundup is on Chard and Kale. I really appreciate these two, however my crew isn't completely on board. Tonight I made mini muffin pan quiches with chicken, cheddar and sauteed chard and my son ate...10 of them!! The babe ate 3. I consider that a success.

We finished off with some fresh sliced nectarines and then headed outside to eat and collect some more blackberries. My son is a little concerned about the number of jars of jam that I have given away.

Please send me any recipes you have for chard or kale. I always love new ideas! Also, what are your thoughts on kale chips? I tried some from the store and they were horrid; however, I think it was the topping they had on them. Do you make them? Eat them? Do your kids?

Also,I saw an amazing tip this week. Grate cauliflower on your salads. Absolutely delicious!

More to come soon!


  1. I like to caramelize up some sliced apples and sweet onions in a dab of butter and then throw rainbow chard in to steam. By that method the chard is best served underneath a grilled meat of some variety. The opposing sweetness of the apples with the onion and salty drippings from the lamb, steak, chicken etc. fills out the flavor profile and highlights the chard.

    As for kale I like to take the "bacon in small doses isn't a crime approach." Trader Joe's has an uncured nitrate free applewood smoked bacon that is delicious. Chop up bacon and mince up garlic to saute up until crispy and then add the kale to steam until cooked finishing with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Mmmm.

  2. steam and then mix w/ boiled potatoes...little EVOO and some garlic and s & p. Grandma Milka style!! For a little acid zing she would sometimes throw in a little vinegar.


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