Sunday, September 4, 2011


There is something about Fall.

I don't know what it is exactly. Summer brings with it a sense of being carefree with sunkissed cheeks and shoulders. Winter seems to represent that warmth within. Within our homes and the homes of those we love. Spring is rebirth. Green, green, green plus whatever rainbow of tulips and daffodils greet you with the outside temperatures rising.

Fall is change. The leaves display it best on the maples. The pumpkins turn.
Little ones wake early with the hope that today is a school day.

Maybe this is why orange is my favorite color. It reminds me that change can be comforting like slipping on your favorite polar fleece and putting away your flip flops. Feeling the gentle breeze on your cheek and watching the leaves twirl to the ground.

I start to think about garlic. Yes, garlic. It is the only thing I am adamant about planting in the Fall and last year a certain bump kept me out of the garden during the cooler months. So this year, the garlic will return.

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  1. My favorite season! Maybe I'll plant some garlic this year, too!


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