Friday, September 30, 2011

Mental Chew reviews "The Chew"

We don't have traditional TV in our house. I watch shows online, that's about it. During a visit at my dad's I thought I would check out ABC's "groundbreaking" and "innovative" new show. Their words, not mine. Funny thing is called "The Chew". Viewers are Googling, Binging and Yahooing "The Chew Recipes" and guess where they are landing? Yes, at my site. Nice by-product, eh? So, I HAD to see an episode.

There are five co-hosts on the show:
Clinton Kelly - from TLC's "What Not to Wear"
Carla Hall - Top Chef participant (love her)
Michael Symon - Food Network and Iron Chef
Daphne Oz - Healthy living consultant. Dr. Oz's daughter
Mario Batali - Chef extraordinaire, restauranteur, author and well known TV personality

The concept for the show is brilliant; however, after watching an episode, I felt like I needed to take a deep breath. When all 5 members were on, they spoke over one another...constantly. I found that my shoulders were creeping up to my ears as they cut each other off. In addition to the criss cross conversation, each person, with the exception of Batali, seemed to be saying all they could within each breath. Perhaps if "The Chew" cut a segment, like "Benefits of Kissing", each person could take a breath between their sentences and it would feel more conversational and less like a blast of information.

Simon and Kelly were easy to watch and I feel like I could warm up to them. Batali is Batali. There is a reason he is so well know; he is extremely good at what he does. His partners should watch him. Hall was fun to watch. Her input was full of great ideas and felt down-to-earth, whimsical and heartfelt.

Oz is the biggest glitch in the show. I am sure she is lovely in person, but her TV personality made me cringe a bit. She seemed rattled through her recipe segment and it felt like she was giving bedroom eyes to the gentleman she was interviewing in her second segment. Sorry, but it is true. I was thinking it, my TV watching partner said it.

Let's talk food. The recipes were actually great. They were quick, easy and healthy. Loved each and every one and I would try them all at home. The Chew posts the hosts' recipes every day online at While I might not have time to check out the show, I will follow their recipes.

Again, this is a great concept and I could see myself getting hooked if: the conversation was more conversational, there was a mom on the panel, and they cut down the number of segments so they can slow down the pace of the show.

This show is just starting and I think it could stick with a few changes that would make the dialogue as strong as their recipes.


  1. YEAH for YOU getting some exra visits I hope =)
    I think Oz is the week link in the show also...
    As far as them all talking over each other-THE VIEW does the same thing and really its up to the producers to talk to them after and let them know-NOTHING can be understood like that.
    Popping by with members to remember weekend over at vB =)

  2. I totally agree about Oz. I also thought everyone was trying to show how much personality they had by talking over each other. I think the strongest was Mike Symon. He's so funny. I hope the show does well and that Oz gets some guidance on her onscreen demeanor.

  3. Gotta love that inadvertent SEO. Returning the love from VB, and I love what you have going on here :-)

  4. I haven't had the chance to watch it yet. I thought it looked good. Thanks for the review.

  5. Haven't seen this! I've wanted to, but I'll have to convince the hubs as we only have one tv in the house. Love your header btw!

  6. I only watch tv online, too, so I have not seen the Chew, but now I want to go check out the recipes. Sounds like an interesting concept. It's great that you are getting extra traffic, too.

  7. I've been DVR'ing it and watching bits of it each day. I like it but I agree there are some kinks they have to work out, although I have seen improvements even in the first few weeks. I also have grown to Like Mike a lot, he has a very fun personality and I already liked Carla Hall from Top Chef. It's funny I have read things about OZ similar to what you said and she doesn't bug me, but maybe I"m getting soft in my old age! I hope the show brings more people to you too! And, I agree the recipes are easy and very family friendly! Great review, thanks!

  8. I watched for about 5 minutes one day before I was gagging on what they were feeding me (the show I mean).
    It just didn't click with me.
    From VB

  9. Great Review! I haven't had a chance to watch it but it looks like it would be good. Maybe not! I can not stand when hosts cut each other off and talk over one another.


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