Sunday, October 2, 2011

...and the Beat Goes On

I have grand plans for this week and I am writing about them in hopes that they will actually happen.

Today I covered both beds with bird netting. Why you ask? There are only carrots and remnants of patty pan and cherry tomatoes. Ah, but the raccoons are back. (No exclamation points. No CAPS. I am speaking about this in a calm voice. Really. You don't believe me? You are asking if I am medicated? No, just taking deep breaths.)

Let's just say my precious garlic bulbs will be here soon and I am hoping to hear the sounds of a seriously pissed off raccoon tonight. They WILL NOT mess with my garlic. (Yikes, THERE are the CAPS. I digress.)

And so this week I hope to throw down a couple of inches of compost and some mulch...under the netting, of course and I would like to set up our modified coldframe. Dreaming...hoping, that I can find a weather window.

Keep on me to make it happen and I will promise to post when I hear the raccoons finding the netting. *smiling*

Side note: My intention is not to hurt them...just deter.


  1. We have the same problem with raccoons [and squirrels]getting in the trees and eating all the pecans. The pecans are just about ready so I am preparing for battle here. I lost last year and didn't get the first nut. This year? I will be the victor! Good luck on your side. xx

  2. I'd love to have a garden, hope your plans go according to plan so to speak.x

  3. I hope it worked! I love garlic, so the mere thought of all that yummy garlic going to the raccoons is just awful! Good luck! STAY AWAY RACOONS! (Oops apparently I caught the CAPS bug too. LOL)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the Meaningful Monday Blog Hop!

  4. Those darn racoons. Actually I have a bigger problem with squirrels eating my bulbs! Great plans for the week, I'm very impressed, I have to go my fall clean up still, I'm way off schedule! Thanks for a fun and really great post! I love to garden and it's so much fun to read about it!

  5. Although I do believe you must be medicated to stay off the CAPS, I wish you luck with the new bulbs! Dang racoons! We don't have a garden anymore (no place here on my island paradise) but when we lived in GA, we always had one and although I'm an animal lover, I often had the urge to blow up all of the deer :)

  6. I require garlic in nearly everything I eat, so if you need some help with the racoons, let me know! That's a very good idea with the netting...I hope they don't outsmart you!

  7. Thankfully we don't have Raccoons! We just have bugs and birds. /sigh. I didn't know Bird netting works like that. What a cool idea! I hope you have some ticked off Raccoons soon too!

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