Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CSA October 4

Fall. It is official. Time for soups, stews and homemade bread. For the last two weeks, I have found myself thinking about soups as I looked at the offerings of the weekly share. I do have to admit, that I haven't been using all of my greens. This really troubles me since I do not want to waste food and I DO want to preserve what I can. We have been off island, with family and blah blah blah. Excuses. I know I am better than excuses; however, I just haven't pulled it together to blanch and freeze those greens. This week it will happen, although that means it must happen TODAY. Another crazy busy week ahead.
One item in the share that I am excited about this week is the celeriac. Into the mashed potatoes it will go or perhaps diced or shaved into the weekly soup.
This week I was given a HUGE beautiful head of cauliflower which reminded me of one of my favorite recipes: Country Captain with Cauliflower and Peas a la Bon Appetit. This is a crowd pleaser in our house and we just might have to visit it come Sunday.
Another happy find in our basket, the delicious cucumbers. It turns out they are our littlest one's favorite food (next to sausage). Who can complain? Perhaps me, I could eat cucumber and tomato salads all week with the amazing collection of tomatoes that are included. The folks at Heritage have raised the bar on tomato production. Week after week we have been gifted bags of red beauties. I am so thankful each and every week since I know I cannot grow a tomato to save my, well, you know.
Oh, and the basil! I am going to throw one more batch of pesto into the mix with the basil. I know there are plenty of uses for basil, but nothing captures it's palate punch for me like good pesto and now that I have my No Fail Pesto recipe, it is hard to turn to anything else.
Here is this week's share:

Flower bouquet
Head lettuce
Herbs: korean mint, basil
Peppers: hungarian hot, italian pepperocini (the long skinny redish one)
Scarlet runner beans
String beans

Photos this week were taken with my new gadget, an iPhone. I am working on the intricacies of photography a la phone. Thanks for your patience :)

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  1. Oh fall! What a great season. After reading your post I am craving soups/stew (I love sopping it up with bread)! Great images. How do you like your iPhone? I'm still in the dark ages but would like to invest in one someday!


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