Monday, October 17, 2011

Sing with me now: Little Potato

When C was a wee babe, a group of families joined together each week under the lead of an incredibly talented friend to sing and dance with their kids for a magical window of time. One evening, one of the island mamas shared this song by Metamora called "Little Potato". The unique sound and entertaining and endearing lyrics were an instant hit. When we returned home, "Little Potato" was added to our favorite song list. It drifted away for a moment, but was resurrected during our recent potato harvest.

I was hoping to find a video of the original but, no such luck. Here are the Valley Singers doing an impressive version.

So listen up. Sing along. ...let's talk about root crops...and lamb chops....and things to eat like apples and cheese.


  1. Huh...that was cool. Never heard it before. My 4 year old made me play it 3 x's. Now she's singing about potato's :)

    Sharon from VB

  2. That is a really cool song! I took a look at your potato harvest too. How fun for your son to dig those up. He'll remember that forever;) I hope you post what you made for your guests with them!


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