Sunday, October 16, 2011


My Good Apple is probably going to kill me for writing this...or maybe the same would be true if I DIDN'T write it.

You see, for the last two years we have had some window "issues". One of the features that sold me on our house was this beautiful 9-pane window feature. Yes, a beautiful 9-pane window feature that had rot at the bottom of each sill. Lovely, right?, yes TWO years ago plastic was carefully put over the top to protect our house. In May, the windows were removed and plywood was put in place. Yes, I have had plywood over my windows since May. Yes, it is October. Yes, during all of those sunshiny days that I had waited for, I was looking at plywood. Pretty.

Today. Today was a glorious day. My hardworking husband has been busting his good-looking buns to get this done before that weather hits and ladies and gentlemen...the windows are in, the caulking is done and they have been framed and primed outside!

Freaking fabulous beyond words. I am so thankful and appreciative and relieved and ecstatic! If I don't slow down, I just might write exclamation marks until I fall asleep.

So neighbors, no more plastic.

To My Good Apple, thank you for finishing before my birthday. You are the best. XO



  1. Hooray for hard working husband's! xx

  2. You should definitely post the finished product! I bet they look awesome!

  3. I have to chuckle at this - before we moved into our current house, we remodeled the ranch we lived in - and when I say remodeled, I mean from top to bottom, with two little ones and a newborn sleeping in a room surrounded by plastic sheeting - I am not kidding. Husband doing most of the work himself. Stressful is an understatement. I am not a woman to live amid dust and sawing and pounding. Anyhoo, I know the feeling of looking at plywood for months on end! The finished product looks great!! Yay for handy husbands!


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