Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winter Weather Outlook via Farmer's Almanac


The Good Apple and I often talk about the weather, not in the way you would expect. When we lived aboard our boat in Bellingham, we would sit for hours at night watching the analog readout of our anemometer to see how hard the gusts were rocking us. Since those days, we are always looking for the extremes of wind, rain and temperature in our mild climate.

Last winter was a La NiƱa winter. Cool and wet. It appears we are in for another one. I remember last winter that it seemed the rain would never stop and perhaps that was because I was inside with the new babe and I was yearning to head out for a walk, to feel the breeze on my cheeks. I found myself wishing for a high pressure system to come through and knock out the clouds and bring down the temperatures.

Since this is the forecast of things to come, it also helps us seize the moment of THE NOW. Today is a beautiful, crisp Autumn day. We are heading out to take some fall pics and perhaps stop by the pumpkin patch. Camera in hand. I get to pick how today is going to roll out, thanks to the Good Apple and that is how I will seize the moment. Good Apple. Kiddos. Fall colors. Camera. Perfect.


  1. We are in Maine. It hasn't really even been fall yet, at least not what we are used to. The leaves are still on the trees, and it has been in the 50's and 60's. I am still picking raspberries! I love it, but it makes me think we are in for it soon. I hope the Almanac is right about Average temps and not the frigid cold we can get.

  2. It is definitely fall here in West Virginia! Hope you get some good pictures. Lovely blog...stopping by from VB Featured Members : )

  3. I'm in Western PA and until moving here I never watched the weather reports with so much obsession. In my previous southern California life, the weather was always the same...sunny and it will pour rain one day, feel like Indian summer the next, and snow the day after. I've also learned not to plan outdoor fun with the kiddos in the later afternoon spring and summer hours as this is often sudden severe storm hours. Too many times I've had to rush home with the kids to avoid air to ground lightning strikes and because of the sound of the tornado warning siren blowing. It's a whole new life here...but I can't turn a blind eye to the beauty of Fall in this place. Wow!

    Congrats on being a featured member for vB this week! :)


  4. Wow, after the extreme heat a drought this year in OK. Mild temps and rain sound good. :)
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  5. Are you still in Bellingham, WA? My mom moved there 20 years ago and we come out every two years. Its just the loveliest town. We love Fairhaven and now the boys are old enough to go kayaking in the bay and hiking to Mt. Baker.
    Congrats on being a VB feature member. cheers.

  6. Average Temps and very stormy snowy sounds just about right for BUFFALO =D
    Congratulations for bing one of this week's featured vB members!

  7. very mild, very wet for my region... doesn't sound too promising. the mild is okay, the wet not so much :)
    last year our winter was extremely cold, i remember because our heating bill went up quite a bit...

    today is beautiful, so i will enjoy it!!

  8. My family and I just moved to NE Florida this summer. Looks like we gave up winter by moving here. One of my neighbors has never seen snow. I find that very weird! I used to live in Bellevue, WA, you are in beautiful country up where you are!


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