Saturday, November 5, 2011

Freaking Raccoons

...and the war continues! This is what we saw when we went outside this morning. What the &;$;@ do we do now??!!?? This took some serious work on their behalf.

Comic relief: Apparently, Mr. Raccoon didn't see the sticker with the picture of a raccoon with a line through it...right next to the $28.95 price tag.



  1. Yikes!! Not good, not good at all!! Lol!! Hope you catch the criminal and send him away for a long time!!! I hate whenever that has happened to us! Good luck!

  2. Is that a sticker that says bear proof? I wonder why it wouldn't be raccoon proof? When we had trouble we just called animal control and they came with big have a heart traps. We also had several offers of guns for lease. They never caught the coons, but moving the barrels into a closed shed did the trick. Nasty things. Good luck.

  3. Good ol San Juan Island wildlife. They mean business over there!! Like those darn foxes on South Beach. I had to give them a prenatal vitamin once to get them to move from out in front of my car. Gotta love SJI


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