Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Garden Dreams

I woke up thinking about seed catalogs. Their arrival in the mailbox during cold winter days gives such promise of what will be in the Spring.
But, I am getting ahead of myself; it is only November.
It is also a rainy day that makes one reminisce about the verdant days.
Enjoy the moment. Appreciate the Fall colors.
All the beds are covered in hay.

Do you sense the inner struggle here? Enjoy the here and now, but the future is exciting as well. That's a good thing, right?

Future projects that I dream of...join me. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and that if you really imagine something in precise detail, it is more likely

  • A drip system.  My big fail last summer was being gone when it got hot and everything went into shock since it had hardly felt the sun all summer. I came home to a garden that wasn't going to rebound. The books came out, I tried everything I could and even my zucchini looked at me with a pathetic grimace. "You will get some, but not the extreme basketfuls of last summer." That is what it said, I swear. 

  • A greenhouse. I have already used up the tomatoes I canned. Let's just say I am a fan. I have made a pledge to myself not to buy fresh toms when they are not in season. Why? Because they just do not taste as good. Ms. Kingsolver took me there. Thanks Barbara.  So the greenhouse, with gravel pathways, heaters, a potting bench, a place for germination and windows that lift to let out that excess heat that will be happening and lovely little misters. Oh yes, I almost forgot. I would like for it to be pretty AND functional.

  • An artichoke and brussel sprouts bed. This one is pretty straightforward. I think I could even talk the Good Apple into this one if I promised to sauté the brussel sprouts with bacon. They take some time to grow, but the reward is oh, so good.

  • A sunflower house.  This would be a place for my kids to hide during the summer and I just love sunflowers. LOVE them.

  • An orchard.  Cherry, apple, pear and plum. I want them. These also take time. I wish I could throw in orange, avocado, lemon, lime and pomegranate, but I do live in Washington.

  • A covered / enclosed space for berries. My friend is an extraordinary gardener and she has an enclosed area that is about 50x50 and it is all berries. Yes. Berries. Is that dreamy or what? The birds, deer and raccoons get ours right now. Us? Not so much.

  • Two Adirondack chairs, a bottle of wine, two glasses and a babysitter. Do I really have to explain this one any further?
I think that is it for now. Thanks for dreaming with me. Time to go buy a lottery ticket!


  1. I love your wish list! Esp. the last part...
    I wish for this awesome tomato contraption I saw in my town. It's rectangular made out of redwood, with wire-kind of like a straightened out super tough tomato cage...probably would be like a tomato house if planted right!

  2. A great list Val and totally doable! I love having a green house and getting a head start on my vegetables. We are pulling radishes right now along with collards. Do y'all plant anything there for the fall?
    I love the idea of a sunflower house and really need to put that on my list for next year!
    Happy Dreaming!

  3. I loved reading this! I would love to someday grow my own cotton, weave it, hand dye it, etc. Do the whole process from the ground to my end design, that I sew and sell for LaDy LaDuke. It's very far fetched right now, but I really think I might get there one day, and it's such a fun dream!:)

  4. Ok...I need to find a comment tool that will let me reply!!
    MW- Let me know about that tomato contraption. I am all ears!
    Tracey - No fall crops other than carrots this year. I had great aspirations and I just ended up putting the beds to sleep.
    MLC- Oh my, what an absolutely dreamy dream. THAT is a goooood one.


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