Monday, November 21, 2011

Week of Thanks: Monday

Today I am grateful for the relationship between the Little Man and Little Miss. She adores him and he would do anything for her. In the morning when she wakes, his name is the first thing she says...always. When he wakes up, he runs in to give her "morning lovin's". They are beginning to have their sibling moments, but I am going to embrace each time she runs over to check on her brother if he is crying and she gently pats him on the head and back. I am going to embrace each time he runs into our room and cheerfully sings, "Good morning my pretty little flower" or "Good morning our sweetest bit of sunshine." I am going to embrace when they dance together and when he gets her belly laughing like no one else can. I am going to embrace when he wants to teach her something new and then cheers out loud and proud for her when she learns a new skill. I know this will change, but for now, I will embrace it.


  1. So very cute, and those chubby cheeks are wonderful. You have inspired me to list my thankful things! Thanks.

  2. I love the picture....but then I don't think you could display one that didn't get me all soft inside. But this can see C's love for K. Keep on embracing, Mama. Time is fleeting.


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