Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week of Thanks: Saturday - mama bloggers

There are days when the Good Apple comes home and a room in the house is completely rearranged, or better yet, rearranged to the point that I could move the furniture while herding the kids. Then he helps me move a bed, or a dresser, a sofa...something, and it is complete, and I exhale that breath in me that needed a little change. I am like that. Piece of mind comes when the uncharted road trip begins.

Blogging has been my release with that need, to some extent. Creating new graphics, widget placement, adjusting photos, experimenting with photography, cooking or gardening tricks, learning how to code HTML and implementing a new idea...when time permits. Can you see the problem emerging here? A blog should fill a niche. Mine is vast.

And there is heartbreak. There are days when I publish a post where I love my photos and I think I have a fairly interesting storyline to accompany them and then, at day's end, there are 15 hits. Gut punch.

Why am I doing this?

I ask myself this frequently. Creative release. Sense of accomplishment. Potential income (HA!). A time capsule of experiences. New relationships.

Hold the phone! New relationships?

Yes, this is the most unexpected outcome from blogging. Through "This Moment" from SouleMama and the incredible network of ladies at Voice Boks, I have met women who are talented, inspiring, supportive, creative, intelligent and expressive. They have made me laugh, cry, cheer, reflect and given me challenges...good challenges. Who knew?

On those days, the gut punch days, it never fails that one of these women reaches out and shares some kind words, some constructive criticism or a personal story and I am so glad I wrote that post for her.

To all of the women who have changed my life this year with their words and photos, their stories and shared histories, thank you and to all of you, I promise to work to make Mental Chew a place worth stopping by.

Stop on by.


  1. What a lovely tribute to all your blogging friends and especially to our friends at voiceBoks! I have been amazed by the friendships I have made online through my blogging and voiceBoks. It is so much fun!! I'm so glad I have gotten to become blogging friends with you. Your blog is wonderful, some days I'm amazed at my traffic and the comments and other days I get frustrated too, I think that's good. It means we care and are looking for ways to grow!! Thanks for such a nice post, and thanks for being such a good blogging friend!! Love to you!!

  2. Val, when I began blogging last year it was just to have something to do with the extra time I have now that children are growing up. Yes, one of my biggest surprises was the friendships I have made with some amazing women all over the world. This blogging thing has become important to me in a way I never imagined and I'm not sure others who don't blog can understand. I am happy that I 'met' you and love visiting so thank you!

  3. Val, I couldn't agree with you more about blogging. It definitely fills a creative gap for me. And there are days when I see that the hits aren't there as well. Sigh...but you are right. It's all about the relationships. I've learned so much about moms all over the globe. It's something I cherish.

    Keep on blogging! :)


  4. Love your Blog, Val! Discovered you via "this moment". Keep this awesome Blog running. I read it regularly. I also agree with you that it is nice to have good hits on a post and I am also happy when that happens on my blog, but at the end it is all about invaluable contact, hints, exchange of ideas and friendships that come out of blogging!

  5. You are so stinking sweet. I know how you feel, and voiceboks has been the best blogging blessing. So many amazing ladies, I can't wait to meet you and some of them some day.

    Kissy kissy


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