Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Menu - January 16

Well last week's menu had some huge successes and some pitfalls. We will be starting the week with the same recipe because it was so easy and so well received. I will take photos this time around and post the recipe by Wednesday, I promise. The gnocchi needed to be smaller, with a richer sauce and served as a side dish, perhaps just as the post dictates! The tomato pasta soup was far too bland for our palates so I added: yellow squash, black beans, and roasted potatoes. The brilliant part is that the latter two were leftovers from earlier in the week. The beef tacos were incredibly easy and really tasty. Chicken Tikka Masala is always a hit. The best news of the week was the fact that this was officially a "no food wasted" week! I always strived for that, but I actually pulled it off this week. Nice.

So, this week. I am going to make extra beans again on Monday to incorporate into Wednesday's soup. I am catching on to some nice patterns. Monday, beans. Tuesday, veggie. Wednesday, soup. Thursday, crockpot. Friday, family favorite. Here is this week's line up:

Monday- Black bean, Cilantro and Lime Naan Paninis + green salad

Tuesday- Veggie Burritos (Sweet potato, broccoli, tofu, red onion, carrots) + green salad

Wednesday- Tortellini and Black Bean Soup + green salad (I will use beans from Monday and veggies from Tuesday)

Thursday- Beef mole chili + green salad

Friday- Jesse's Chicken Enchiladas After reading through this recipe, I realized that I have completely changed this one up too. I am making it per request for some good friends who will be joining us for dinner(and they will be heading home with some to out in their freezer for when their newest edition join them next month!). This is one of those recipes that I always make multiple batches of when I cook them. I usually throw a couple in the freezer for "those days".

I have been asked about our weekends. We usually pick and scavenge from the week, potluck with friends or throw some steaks on the grill and roast some veggies.

Out in the garden this week, I will be plotting out our garden beds with the Little Man to help "modify" his seed list.

Have a great week!
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