Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Safe Seed Pledge

The Council for Responsible Genetics has created a "Safe Seed Pledge" that seed companies can sign. If they sign the pledge, they are guaranteeing that their seeds are 100% GM-free. Do you want to check if your favorite seed company signed the Safe Seed Pledge? Check here.

In addition, you can Google your favorite seed comapny's name and "Monsanto" to see if a relationship exists. Be careful to check the date of your information. Seminis was purchased by Monsanto and a lot of our favorite companies had been purchasing seeds from them; however, they may have phased the company out of their inventory over time. When all else fails, fire off an email to the company and feel free to come back here and share your findings. Let's get current and correct information out there!

Great gardens have to start with healthy and safe seeds.


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