Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adding a hyperlink into a Blogger comment

I have always wondered how to do this and now you will know, too.

Follow this format to change text to a hyperlink in a comment so people can go directly to your personal post from your comment! Replace the red parts with your information. Happy hyperlinking!

<a href "URL"> Text </a>

Example: <a href ""> Mental Chew </a>
will end like this: 
Mental Chew

If you want it BOLD use this format:
<b><a href ""> Mental Chew </a></b>
Mental Chew

Photobucket...and blogging tips!


  1. thanks for the tip! found you via pinterest!!!

    1. I knew how to do it on my blog, however I failed to transfer that over to comments! Easy peasy. Thanks for stopping by!!

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