Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? Countdown

I know our official event starts March 27, but I just have to ask you... How IS your garden doing?

We experienced some high winds this week, which blew things around a bit. No sign from my peas yet, but I do need to cut them a little slack since it snowed right after (literally) I planted them. This year is not the wet, soppy mess of last year, but it is cool. When the sun comes up and I get the Lil Man off to school, I will check on everything.

A couple of nights ago, I pumped up the wood stove a little bit too much and my thermometer upstairs was reading 88, so I had to crack a window in order to b r e a t h e. While the kiddos were sleeping and I was surfing the net, I could hear our family of raccoons. Damn. I need to set the sprinkler up before I really start planting the beds. Reminders of competition for the same resource.

On a happier note, I am really excited that Rosann at SuperChristianMom will be joining us for this event. She wrote about it here! I swear she is a super hero. Cape and all.

So are YOUR peas in yet? Which varieties did you go with this year? What have you put in the ground? What are your gardening plans / goals for this week?

See you next Tuesday!




  1. I did a little experiment this winter with peas in the greenhouse and it worked! So we are just starting to get that batch while I just planted the outside crop this past weekend. We live on the Oregon coast so I didn't bother to soak them :).
    I have seeds started on most window sills in the house. I always try to do something new so this year those will be a Japanese eggplant and Stevia.
    I should be receiving my seed potato order soon but won't have time to get them in til April. I have lots of winter stuff still in the ground outside. Garlic, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, spinach. I had broccoli but an early hail storm and snow last fall got most of that. Oh and a whole lotta weeds out there! We're about out of carrots but we have some lettuce, arugula,spinach,& radishes in the greenhouse.
    The next few weeks look pretty stuffed full for us so after the first of April we'll get in the dirt for reals.

    1. Cathy, That sounds WONDERFUL! We are hoping to build a greenhouse in the next couple of years. We don't soak out peas either, for the same reasons. Plenty of natural soaking action! I am impressed with your winter crop. So far, it isn't something we have done successfully. We should be getting our seed potatoes soon as well. Three varieties this year: german butterball, french fingerling and Yukon golds.

      Speaking of hail...shortly after I posted it hailed and then SNOWED here. Spring isn't ready just yet.

    2. It took me a long time to figure out that I need to start my winter crop seeds during the last week of July. Who knew it had to be so early?? We've had much better luck since we started that plan.

  2. Aw...I'll bet you're getting excited! I know I am, seeing how the 27th is my birthday:)

    Oh...and this is Phoenix, my garden sucks:)

  3. We have garlic up and growing in the raised beds, heirloom tomato sprouts coming up in the house, as well as beans and some lettuce, and loads of lettuce and mixed green sprouts in the greenhouse. We had snow the other day too...and hail and rain and who knows what else! I have no idea when I'll be able to transplant things! I started a few jerusalem artichokes outside, too, but no potatoes yet...

    thanks for doing these posts, this is fun! looking forward to sharing more this season :)


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