Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Next Week! How Does Your Garden Grow?

Next Tuesday is the start of our weekly gardening gathering, but as you learned last week, I am not a very patient person. So, how's it going in your garden? We have had a lot of wind and rain and some snow. The peas are still in hiding, however, the radishes have popped through as of yesterday. Thank goodness. We had a moment of sunshine so I ran and made a somewhat impulsive purchase of 21 violas and pansies. The Lil Man chose the plants and where to plant them. This was a first and I had a moment of uncertainty when he started, but the beauty is that the entryway flower pots are his creation and a treat to see when we come home.


This weekend will be full of garden work and some more planting, so stay tuned and...what is growing in your garden?

Radish sprouts



  1. Beautiful flowers! :-) I'm very excited too. In fact, I'm so excited that Monday I was determined to write up my How Does Your Garden Grow post so it would be ready for publishing today. I got it all finished and suddenly realized it doesn't start until NEXT Tuesday. Ugh! So it's scheduled to publish then.


    1. Oh Rosann, you are too funny. Way to be ahead of the schedule! I can't wait to see your post!!

  2. Lots and lots of lemons: http://www.rowanandoak.com/rowan-oak/2012/03/moroccan-preserved-lemons.html
    Excited to join you next Tuesday for all things gardening!

    1. If you get a chance, stop by Amber's blog. GORGEOUS and I am filled with a (happy kind) of envy. Lemons are not a possibility here in the PNW, but wow, you do them justice there in Napa.

      I am looking forward to seeing you here next Tuesday!!


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