Thursday, March 15, 2012

These Moments J-P

This week was a challenge in so many ways. The Good Apple was away and Lil Miss was having rough nights, so most days it was all I could do to get a photo posted. There were silver linings when I needed them, thank goodness.

J is for Jam

This is the freezer jam we made last summer. The Lil Man wanted to make sure the "R" for raspberry showed since it is his favorite. I have to admit that I panicked a bit when I took this photo 10 jars left and we started with 36. Jam in yogurt, jam on bread, jam and cream cheese on bagels, jam in crepes, jam on pancakes. We eat jam and the supply is dwindling. Every time it is spread, a little bit of summer is shared.

K is for Kung Fu Master

Guess who's idea this was? It was difficult to take these shots. I was laughing so hard and he was soooooooo serious about it. I ended up creating a series of 8 shots. Check these out if you need a chuckle.

L is for Little Lemon Lover

What can I say? She loves lemons. While eating lunch with friends, we were discussing "L" possibilities when this was suggested. I dove for my iPhone waiting for the sour face and this was as close as it got, she loved it!

M is for Motorcade

This was one of those shots you literally "walk into". I was coming up with dozens of options on a dreary, windy day and this just made me giggle as we walked upstairs. I love that Filmore was getting a police escort.

N is for New Growth

I went outside, camera in hand, just hoping to find some pea shoots. Nada. However, I did find that my Dogwood was feeling Springy. I took about 20 shots and none of them really did it for me. I love the color and the lighting on this one, but the background is just too busy. Bah.

O is for Optimism

After posting the previous day's photo and not finding the new growth I had been hoping for, I was feeling a little punky. The weather here had been all over the map: warm and sunny, cloudy and rainy, cloudy and windy and rainy, snowing, hailing. And that is just in three days. As I was getting the Lil Man off to school, I saw this little daffodil burst open while it's neighbor stayed closed for business and I felt optimistic for the sunny days of Spring. I love these little reminders that the windy, stormy days will pass.

P is for Pastrami and (San) Pellegrino

Whenever we put our car in line for the ferry, we head up the hill to one of my favorite eateries on the island. Market Chef never disappoints, I mean never. Today's sandwich was Pastrami and I always get a Limonata. The kids enjoyed their Mac n' Cheese and stirfryed broccoli, carrots and mushrooms. Yum. Oh, and it happened to be a "P" here is the lovely Pastrami for you to drool over.

Q, R, S, T, U, V, W are next. Any ideas?








  1. Love the spiderman and lemon lover [ I love lemons too]. I hope you have a great weekend and have some nice weather to play in the dirt!
    I have a lot of weed pulling to do.

  2. My baby son loves lemons too. We have a tree outside our house and every time we pass it, he yells, "Num! Num! Mama!" He'll even eat the rind. With a similar expression on his face.

  3. 'R' is for REST :) Love your moments!

  4. I love your letters!!!! So cute. S is for spring of course, not long now!!!

  5. I love the lemon photo. My big boy loves lemons too. Isn't it funny how we see certain flavors as difficult as adults, but our littles don't mind them one bit. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my moment today too.

  6. I am pretty much in love with the kung fu photos. The others are fabulous as well!! How fun! :)

  7. Pastrami!! YUM!! One of my faves!! I can so relate to the Spiderman photo, superheroes are all the rage in this house!

  8. So many yummy things to love!

  9. This would make the neatest coffee table book from Snapfish. Great matches to each letter.


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