Friday, March 23, 2012

These Moments Q-W

Q is for Quintessential Nicaraguan Food

  R is for Rain Clouds

S is for Sheep, Skunk Cabbage and Sunsets (what a trio!)

T is for Trick

I was walking downstairs and thought our garden bed was on fire! After a moment, I realized it was the reflection our wood stove fire on the window. Yes, this was before I had a cup of coffee!

U is for Ukulele

V is for Viola

W is for Water (on World Water Day!)

1) Stop by and check out the salad recipes that are compiling at the OXO Salad Spinner Giveaway and post your favorite salad recipe in the comments for a chance to win your own.
2) TUESDAY is the beginning of "How Does Your Garden Grow?" I hope to see you there. This weekend is a big gardening weekend for us. The onions arrived!!!  Also, some plants are finally sprouting up, so I will have something to take photos of, finally. Will the peas make a showing? You will have to wait and see.


  1. That Nicaraguan food photo has me salivating. I like how you managed to use 'Q' for it. "Quite" clever, he he;)
    We're out in the garden all day right now . Big rain storms predicted for this weekend and the following week. I really want to finish straw mulching the beds before then, so the rain can do all the water work for me.

  2. Very cool pictures, Val. My favorite is the cloudy sky. So cool!

  3. My favorite is the sunset. Where was the photo taken? So pretty!

  4. wow... ours pictures are beautiful, especially the rainy clouds. Nice.

  5. Great photos! I feel like we are still so far away from planting in New England, but I am enjoying the daffodils making their first appearance. Welcome Spring!!

  6. Nice pictures, I really like the viola-- such a great color! visiting from VB

  7. Stunning pictures! I wish I can take photos like that :). Beautiful...

  8. I just adore your cloud photo. I'm excited to take part in "How Does Your Garden Grow?" I began to turn over the soil in my garden during our warm spell last week. AND I HOPE to get my seeds started inside this weekend!

  9. I adore your cloud photo! Can't wait to participate in "How Does Your Garden Grow?" I turned the soil over in my garden this past week during our warm spell and hope to get some seeds started indoors this weekend!

  10. Sorry for the double comment!! Something funky with the connection I guess!

  11. It does look like it's on fire! I'm all entered with my salad recipe!:)


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