Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? {April 10, 2012}

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. My 1 year old wants to be outside...non-stop, but who can blame this November-born babe? Last summer, she experienced everything from a backpack and this year she is ON THE MOVE. It would be most accurate to say she is on the run, jump, climb and fall. This can make gardening a little tricky. If she is in my line-of-sight, all is well, however, as soon as she is gone, trouble ensues. Keeping her entertained nearby is my best plan, as long as she keeps the gardening tools outof here mouth and the gravel out of her diaper.

We didn't add anything new to the garden this week, but we did do A LOT of weeding and more weeding. I contemplated creating a collection of photos to play "Name that Weed". It could very well be next week's post. Yes, you can count on it. There are the usual dandelions and such, however, this year we have a newcomer. I asked around to my Facebook followers and others and I learned quite a bit about this weed, including it's name. Shotweed, also known as "Little western bittercress" (Cardamine oligosperma) is an edible broadleaf weed. It germinates in early fall and blooms in early spring. Tricky, right? After it blooms, it's little seed pods dry up and when they are ready, they "POP" everywhere. Great work Mother Nature. They have seed dispersal down pat.

The only way to mange this plant is to pull it as soon as you see it and then send it away. Do not leave it next to your garden or it will dry up and shoot those seeds. WSU's Hortense site, says the only way to fight it is to put several inches of organic mulch over it. Sounds good to me.


I know I mentioned last week that I wanted to work on my palette garden. Well, I have located palettes. That's a start, right? I have also cleared out the picture window over my kitchen sink. This was no small task and I have some mason jars that will be housing some herbs there for me. I am going to attempt to use it as a safe spot to germinate some sunflower seeds as well. The window seat is way too accessible to little fingers that want to help.

Oh, and my happy gardening mama story of the week. We have been waiting for our tulips to bloom. We check everyday. (They did open for a few hours one day last week, but I kept my mouth shut.) On Easter morning, the Lil Man was heading downstairs and he SHOUTED, "Mama, our tulips bloomed for Easter! They bloomed!" Oh, happy heart. Now I am sure it is only a matter of moments before the dear chomp them or Lil Miss plucks their gorgeous little heads off. It is my world...and I love it.

How is YOUR garden growing?



  1. I can't believe you already have weeds in your garden! It's amazing the difference in climate from one end of the US to the other. Do you plant herbs in the mason jars? I remember the days of trying (or not trying) to garden with little ones. I love the tulips story!! That's one to cherish.

    Here's our gardening week:


    1. We are cool and wet this time of year with little glimpses of summer...total weed heaven. I am going to plant herbs (I almost typed WEEDS...ha!) in the mason jars. We will see how it goes. HEading over to your gardening week!

  2. Wow, I'm pretty sure your gardening will be done for the season before mine even begins. LOVE that your tulips bloomed for Easter. That's so awesome! Unfortunately, I won't be linking anything up to How Does Your Garden Grow? this week because there's nothing to report. Well, that's not totally true. I can report that we've had several freeze warnings the past few weeks and on the docket for today and tomorrow is...drum roll please...SNOW! Freaking SNOW!! Ugh! I haven't even begun to go shop for plants, seeds, or soil because I just keep watching the 10 day forecast and I'm not pleased with it so far. Perhaps next week will be better. :) I promise I'll link up as soon as I have something worth writing about.

    Hugs to you,

    1. We are just in weed land. They get all the water they want, unfortunately. If you want to start some seeds, you can always fill a cookie sheet with Dixie cups and set it in a sunny spot to get things started. It will save you a bundle on plants as well! XOXOX

  3. Hi Val. I have been following your blog after it was recommended to me from my friend Amber at Rowen & Oak. Love the weekly menus...I've been trying to do that for so long and really just need a good kick in the pants. Thanks for helping! I can't figure out how to use the HDYGG button on my blog, so I'll just link it in here. One of these days I think I'll figure the mechanics of the blog out a bit better...
    Anyways, I love what you're doing and putting out there.
    Best, Dara Weyna

  4. Hilarious! I decided to post about gardening weeds today and then I read your post :) Guess all gardeners have weeds...
    Oh, and I love your tulips! I took a ton of pictures of mine last week, figuring something would happen to them (like getting picked or chomped).

  5. I found you and "How Your Garden Grows" from Rowan and Oak too...and perfect timing, since I put this post up on Monday. The gardening season is here, hurrah!


    1. i am so making your roasted veggie burritos this week. Love the recipes!

  6. Hi Val,
    Since we live in a tiny city condo...I am tight space gardening once again. Going to try and grow tomatoes and herbs, the key word being try. Last year my gardening thumb was black. No tomatoes, lots of herb growth. Love the hearty herbs...and your garden shots. Beautiful.


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