Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? {May 15, 2012}

Nasturtiums in.
Marigolds in.
Edible Wildflower mix in.
Howden and Sugar Pie Pumpkins in.
Cherry Belle radishes in.
Apple Gourds in.
**another secret planting of corn and beans**

We have been enjoying fresh mixed green salads, radishes and asparagus. So, why am I feeling like such a grump? Here is a sampling:

Do you see the common theme there? My garden is in jail. It used to be free. Free to grow. Free to stretch it's green limbs. Free to be pollinated and watered and weeded. Now I am in a constant battle with chicken wire and bird netting, screaming expletives while I am trying to enjoy the joys of gardening. I have NOT been feeling the love, even though everything is growing behind the maze of wire and nylon. It is as if the cages are defying the very positive psychological effects of gardening. Bah. Yes, I know. Debbie Downer.

One more whiney point. Two years ago, we planted 25 male asparagus crowns. Last year we ended up with red berries...EVERYWHERE. I am guessing male plants don't have red berries. This week, these popped up...EVERYWHERE. See a pattern?

potato plants
potato plant
cucumber seedlings
Hidatsa Red Bean plants

Yes, I realize that I should be happy about the verdant pictures above. Everything is growing and not getting chewed by teeth that do not belong to me or my family. I get that and believe me, I am happy we will be seeing the results on our table. Wah wah wah.

Do you have any helpful hints? 

HAPPY NOTE: Congratulations to TONYA! There was a three-way tie with 3 correct each. I used random.org and she won!  Tonya, you won a $20 gift certificate to Territorial Seeds. Send me an email with your mailing info. XOXO

I promise to be a bit jollier next week. Promise. Maybe I didn't get enough dirt under my nails this week or perhaps I wasn't able to pull enough weeds to get that euphoric surge of "making things right". Next week. 

I AM thankful that a dear friend went to the island Master Gardeners' Plant Sale and purchased some great starts for me and that two island friends brought six tomato starts to be added to our garden. LOVE and thank you for thinking of me. 

Most of all, I am thankful that the Good Apple and the Lil Man brought in a bouquet of flowers to me on Mother's Day. It was full of purple lilacs that had to be reached from the top of a ladder, parrot tulips and precious dandelions since my kiddo "knew I would just love them in there!". He was oh, so right.  Who knew that a hard-to-reach lilacs and a carefully placed dandelion would move me to tears? 

Well netting, be damned. There was joy from the garden this week.

So tell me, how is YOUR garden growing?


  1. Val, are you trying to keep out deer, birds, both? I can share a few ideas with you if you would like. We have to watch for the wildlife here, but I don't cage my plants in, although you may have something there I don't have to deal with on the east coast.

    1. Please share! A am working against deer and raccoons.

  2. Potatoes are coming up. So is the kale, radishes, beets, spinach. I'll have to get down on my hands and knees to weed between the carrots and lettuce. Can't see anything coming up there except weeds. Damn the rain for bringing the weeds. Will plant cucumbers, squash and zucchini this week.
    BTW the Lemon Rhubarb cake was dee-lish!

    1. Jen - We are neck and neck, minus the beets because, well, I didn't plant any. :) I am SO glad you enjoyed the cake and I will pass the message along. Make sure you leave a note on her blog too. It is such high praise when someone leaves a comment on one of your recipes because they made it and loved it! Here's to more days of sunshine ahead!!

  3. Oh those deer!! They're vicious. My grandpa calls them wild cows. That does look frustrating. Is your yard too big to just deer fence the whole thing?
    We're getting lots of strawberries, green garlic, green onions, broccoli. Mostly we're in between our winter/early spring plants which are setting seed now and our summer crop of goodies which need a month or two. But everything but some brandy wines are in the ground even over at our 'other' garden (I'll share on that soon). So that feels good.
    Here's my link about identifying weeds

  4. Your garden is looking AMAZING! I've been working really hard with those idea posts you gave me weeks ago, and I think I might actually get SOME plants to grow this year. :) My strawberries, raspberries, radishes, and rhubarb are all in the ground and growing. I'm still pulling out weed patches and cultivating new garden plots, so hopefully the rest will be in the ground soon. :)

  5. What a beautiful and healthy garden, Val! Please, please, please let me know what you discover for keeping the raccoons, deer, bunnies, or any other little rascals away from your plants. I'm hesitant to even get started now that my dear hubby has had THREE face to face confrontations with raccoons in our trash cans at 3:00 in the morning. They fear nothing! Not even the strange man standing in his pajamas barking at them. Lol!


  6. I have so much chicken wire over my gardens I think I could fence in a hundred chickens. But for me, it's to keep my formerly free ranging chickens, my dog the crows and the deer out of the gardens. I finally gave up on the chickens and locked them in the chicken tractor until the seeds are established. I have no ideas except more wire!

  7. Sometimes the Blah needs to set in so that you can see the good! Your garden is looking fantastic, even behind the fences. Mine is all in the ground by now, the summer squash are growing daily, I am sure if I sat and watched, I could actually see them grow.
    I lost one tomato plant but the rest are growing too. I also did some direct sowing this week of peppers, cilantro and lettuce. We will see how that goes.

  8. Your garden looks great!! I have to say that ever since a pack of very rude and shall we say wild squirrels attacked my gorgeous pumpkins that I grew one year, I'm very happy I now only grow flowers. Although, the darn aphids on my roses are enough to drive me crazy!!! I think the wire is better than loosing precious veggies to the animals. I can't wait to see all the delicious meals you are going to be making with all of your "loot"!!! xoxo

  9. I planted nasturtiums last weekend, too...just sprouting! Two tomato plants have baby fruits-better than last year at this time! Lots of basil, chives and peppers in last weekend, too. My biggest foe right now is WEEDS! I spend hours every weekend trying to get on top of them...I am winning, but it's a hard, scratchy battle!

  10. Your garden looks so good (even through the fence). Save me some cucumbers when they start bearing...

  11. You garden looks gorgeous Val - so healthy.

    Thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog. I'm glad you left a comment because it meant I found your space. I havn't done much gardening over the past few years (due to lead contamination) but we will be moving to a new property in a few months where i'll have loads of uncontaminated space to garden.


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