Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Truth be told, these aren't from my garden, but they were just SO seasonal and SO beautiful and SO tasty.  I just had to share.

Besides just eating them straight up from a bowl, what is your favorite cherry recipe?



  1. Those are beauties! We just raided my MIL's tree in the nick of time before the birds got them; and I made a cherry crisp, which turned out delicious. I just used an apple crisp recipe, but left out the cinnamon. Also, I had to fiddle with the amount of sugar since I used sweet cherries. Nothing beats fresh cherries out of the bowl though :) Oooh, although, I do love cherry clafouti too.

  2. Popping by your site again today. Those cherries are gorgeous!! Cheers, Tara

  3. You inspired me to buy cherries yesterday! We are having them just as they are, with lunch today. I've never made a recipe using fresh cherries! They never last long enough to make anything :)


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