Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? {June 19, 2012}

The deer are back...through the netting. I'm not kidding. They topped my carrots and chard and took some of my precious kale. Yes, that came out, precious kale. They have started moving in on my raspberry plants and I HAVE to get my sprinkler system out tomorrow if I hope to save anything. They ignored the "Deer Away" bells o' stinkiness. They bit one of my onions...and spit it out. Bah. Sprinkler. Tomorrow.

My beautiful and delicious Lacinato Kale. Best. Ever.

My potato plants have gone W I L D! I have piled them up twice and then they exploded. Now I think it is too late to attempt another level. Thoughts?

Summer Savory. Oh. So. Good. Grow some, you will love it.

Trapped, but safe. We are eating these red rubies of juicy goodness daily.

Peas are another daily treat. I head out in the morning with the kids and they head straight for the snap peas...until they see me at the strawberries.

I can't believe these have not been in my life every Spring. The scapes are incredible. Lil Miss picks very last one off her plate. Tonight we sauteed them with a little Soy Vay and a mix of greens. Heavenly.

How could I have ignored these curly-Q's that are such a treat? I was taking pictures of them. That's all. Thank goodness we finally started eating them. It does make me wonder, what else am I missing?

Seascape Strawberries. I will plant even more next year.

We went camping this past weekend and the Good Apple thought it would be fun to make s'mores tonight since we had leftovers. Chocolatey marshmallowy melty graham cracker treat was pushed aside for a red, ripe strawberry. Atta boy. Then he found that chocolate and strawberries are a delicious combination. Uh oh.


Before I leave, I have to mention my little giveaway for this awesome item:

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So...how is your garden doing? What are you eating these days? Have a marvelous Summer Solstice!



  1. What are those curly things? Some kind of onion? Its too hot her for peas so I can only envy yours. And your strawberries. I hope we do better with the strawberries next year.

    My garden is half great and half worrying. Something is wrong with my cucumber vines, I would appreciate your in put.

  2. Gosh, I'm so glad I don't have deer to contend with! Have you ever made kale chips? They're delicious!

  3. Val, your garden always looks so beautiful! Hopefully one day I'll be skilled enough in my gardening to produce the same luscious results. Of course, that may require getting out of those containers and into the ground, right? :) I don't know what to tell you about the problem with deer. We have them here too, but I haven't had them walking through our yard yet. Here's my link...better late than never, right? http://christiansupermom.com/enjoy-garden


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