Monday, June 4, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? {June 5,2012}

A collection of photos this week, starting with this amazing deer fence I saw over the weekend. Dreamy, isn't it?
These irises were transplanted from our Island Parents. When we moved to our house, we saw traces of irises and were thrilled...until they bloomed the next spring and we saw they were brown. Yes, brown. Who plants a brown flower? We are relieved to have these gorgeous irises along our potato bed now, bringing in a shock of color.
California lilac. A plant that I hate to love and love to hate. Gorgeous in bloom. Major bee attractor. Touch it and you will be itchy itchy pruning it is a real treat.

What plant is creeping in here and what is eating my beans?

Potato plants are currently happy. I mounded up some compost on them this weekend and it is already time to add more!

I feel the need to apologize to my strawberries. They are being held prisoner. Hopefully this proves to be more of a safe haven. Lil Man has been playing cheetah and scaring deer off the property...regularly.

Nasturciums. I can't wait until their beautiful colors shine through. This year I was significantly more intentional about placing flowers amongst the veggies. We will seem how it turns out!

Beautiful Kale leaves. I can't wait to plant more!

Chard. The shock of color is just amazing. I have really gained a new appreciation for young kale and chard leaves in salads and sautéed along with pea tendrils. Delicious. is your garden doing this week?


  1. beautiful photos. Is that beet or swish chard? The colors are killing me softly :-)

  2. Gorgeous! And those edible flowers will be beautiful in your salads when they come in.

  3. Val, your garden is looking beautiful! I've got some of those little holes in my zucchini and cucumber leaves - I was thinking it was related to the hail storm and excessive rain we got all week. Perhaps not? Anyway, I'm finally linking up! Woo Hoo! Here's my link:


  4. The brown iris's always throw me too!!! Everything looks great! I kept meaning to take pictures of my flowers since my roses, peonies, foxglove and primrose were really in all their glory, but I did not!!! You will have to take my word for it!! I have flowering Kale that I need to plant!! xoxo

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! Also, what type of kale is that?


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