Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? {July 3, 2012}

Dear Garden,
Please don't fail me now. The garlic has been harvested, before it turned to mush. Our lettuce has been consumed (by us). But I know you know you are being neglected both by the weather (lots of rain and low temps) and by your caretaker who is working on her *little* project. Thank you for the strawberries, peas, lettuce, chard, kale, garlic and radishes you have offered us thus far. Please tell your gardenmates that there will be better conditions ahead.



P.S. I got a new macro lens for my iPhone today. Super cool. Just beware that the magnet isn't very strong that holds it on and when it pops off somewhere between the garage and the front yard, you will have to consider yourself very lucky when you find it on the third visual sweep.



  1. Your photography is beautiful. That strawberry is perfect!

  2. So awesome...bet it's a lot easier to use than the DVD player lenses I had my photography students try to use on their phones. We were taping them on with electrical tape!

  3. Your pictures are amazing. I wish my garden grew as nicely as yours. Your little helpers are adorable!


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