Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? August 22, 2012

Hi...Are you still there? I feel like I am sliding in here rather sheepishly. If it means anything, I miss ya.

The camera is back out and I took some photos for fun with my iPhone macro to share with you.

Things are growing. The zucchini and green beans are plentiful. We have sunflowers. WE have SUNFLOWERS! WE have CORN!! This might appear to be amateur garden excitement, and it is. We have a tall garden this year and the way to the chard which I let go to seed and is turning into a small Sequoia.

Our potatoes went pffffffffft. You can't win them all!

Please share how your garden is is a glimpse at ours.

Basil flower

Corn silks

Hidatsa Red Beans - hidden garden jewels

Kale - empress of color and texture

Nasturtium leaf

If I were a bee, I would jump right into this nasturtium. How could you resist?

Jack-o-lantern potential

Russian sage

Busy bee 

Zuke flower stage 1

Zuke flower in it's glory. Welcome bees!


  1. It all looks delicious and beautiful! I have heard that you can put nasturtium flowers in salads...have you tried this? They would look so pretty, I wonder how they would taste though.

    1. I have seen that as well, but I haven't tried it yet. Part of my worry is that I have an almost two year old who is a serious forager and if she sees us eating those, she will go after everything in our yard!

  2. lovely photos. I would love to have some sunflowers.

    1. This is my fourth year trying and I am FINALLY having success. Phew!!

  3. Your images are so gorgeous...I don't know how you do that! My garden is a mess - I was gone for a month and everything got weedy. I'm trying to work up the energy to get in there and pull them out...

  4. Looks like your garden is still growing beautifully! Mine is doing well. I haven't had a free moment in the past several weeks to post anything gardening related, but hope to this week. We'll see! I am enjoying gobbling up my zucchini and cucumbers and have been longing for my abundance of cherry and roma tomatoes to ripen already! They've been green on the vine for weeks. Perhaps it's time for more fertilizer to inspire them a bit. :) Hope you're doing well.

  5. I love your kale! I have to see if I can grow some this fall. My garden is nearing its end, and I am getting ready for my fall garden.

  6. Your photos are so inspiring! I hope we can start prepping our new garden soon. CL decided to move it to a different place, and since I'm the 'design architect' I had fun re-designing how things would look. Hope you had fun at Blogher!


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