Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall from Mental Chew

A reminder of the first of Fall from a Fall past. 

This is the beginning of my absolute favorite time of year and here is a reminder from my "First Day of Fall" post from last year. 

We have some wonderful fall posts being shared over the next couple of weeks at Bonbon Break, so stop on by and don't forget these four favorites of mine from last year:


My favorite day of the year. Happy Autumnal Equinox!!







Unedited is for real...just like that. Fall.



  1. Those colors are unreal! In California we don't see the dramatic shift in color, and when trees do turn it's closer to the end of November. Right now my garden just looks a bit worn out from summer!

  2. Your last photo looks like Virginia Creeper. I had a 15 foot high x 10 foot long archway covered with this and in the fall it was breathtaking! (Then we moved...boohoo). Autumn is my husbands favorite season. I find I tend to ♥ the season I'm in, so right now autumn is my favorite too. There seems to be an exciting feeling in the air that I've never felt before! (squeal!!!)

  3. What gorgeous photos Val!!! Really beautiful. Thanks for giving us a peak!

  4. Nice picutres...and I can imagine how much better these fruits are from those from super markets!

  5. All of your pictures are divine. They are wonderful and so well done. Thank you for sharing this awesome post.

  6. These pictures are the proof for how wunderful natur is. Amazing picture and colours :)

  7. Setting Goals for Kids is Important Too


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